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House of global beauty.

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The world moves fast but we move faster. We are a worldwide team of experts working with best-in-class beauty and personal care brands to establish their influence and scale their global sales channels.

WE CONNECT PEOPLE, PLACES, AND PRODUCTS. We’re more than a distributor. We partner with brands we believe in to help them grow and establish roots throughout the entire world.

Build brands

Demystify the intricacies of complex and competitive markets

Create opportunities for growth

Localize brands for new markets

Generate global demand

Be at one with our consumer

AN EXPERT AT THE HELM. Julian’s passion is discovering the small patterns that lead to big change across industries—from finance to energy to consumer brands. After getting his start as a macro-trader with an eye for market-shaking trends and tracking the social commerce phenomenon in China, he founded SuperOrdinary in Shanghai in 2017 as a laboratory to grow the next generation of innovative consumer brands.

“Collaboration, not hierarchy; respect, not competition.” Julian Reis

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