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Building brands
in China

ACCESSING THE GROWING CHINESE BEAUTY MARKET. We are the industry gatekeeper that provides brands with the building blocks for international expansion and exponential growth in the world’s fastest-growing beauty market.
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 $35.8B $37.5B $38.9B $42.4B $47.1B $53.0B $54.8B $63.8B $69.8B $75.9B $81.8B

Size of beauty market in China
Source: Euromonitor 2020

Bridging the global
beauty gap.

In just three years, we have proven ourselves to be the preferred partner when it comes to establishing and
scaling beauty brands in China. Our Shanghai-based team of 300 beauty enthusiasts and brand builders act as an extension of your team to herald a new chapter of influence and expansion. 


We offer brands an entire ecosystem of services that checks all the boxes for unparallelled access to the
Chinese market.



Your success is our success.
We invest heavily in our brands to ensure their growth in a highly competitive marketplace, without ever sacrificing their
brand equity.

Brand &

We hit the ground running in all lanes. We integrate online and offline distribution channels and localize brand marketing for a seamless introduction to the entire Chinese market.

Influencers, KOLs and Livestreamers

Our network is actually human. We have built an unparalleled network of 40,000+ KOLs and world renowned livestream partners.

Local expertise

We’re not just a distributor. We are brand builders with a successful track record of building beauty brands in a highly competitive marketplace. We are the industry experts when it comes to product registration and navigating China’s ever-evolving regulatory environment.

Case Study: Farmacy Beauty

SuperOrdinary partnered with Farmacy Beauty to establish a Top 10 social powerhouse brand in less than 12 months.

Cross-border e-commerce

Brand establishment and building

Marketing, PR and social media

Influencer engagement

Design and copywrite

IT support

Logistics and fulfillment


2019 Tmall Global New Stores


2019 & 2020 Tmall Global Makeup Cleanser


Red US & Europe Brands

When brands look to select a partner for the Chinese market, it’s critical to find a group that understands the market intricately, and that has strong brand-building DNA. Julian Reis and the SuperOrdinary team have established themselves as the leading partner that high-growth beauty brands can trust to adapt their brand for success in the Chinese market.Julian Steinberg. Managing Partner, ACG.

A network of


Beauty influencers, micro-influencers and celebrities. In China, business happens at fiber-optic speed. Our trusted network of KOLs connects brands with their consumers at exactly the right moment with content that truly resonates.

Get started with our China team.