At SuperOrdinary, we have the ambitious goal to build the most exciting Millennial and Gen Z lifestyle, beauty and wellness brand portfolio in China.



We’re not like most start-ups. We work hard, but care more about “building things” than “breaking things”. Collaboration, not hierarchy. Respect, not competition.We’ve built our inclusive team on this bedrock, and foster innovation at all levels because we know it leads to the next big idea. Results are great, and we’re growing from strength to strength. But we’re even more proud of our reputation and relationships, and love getting referrals from our trusted network.



We are a global brand family that breathes culture and speaks social media. Fusing technology with creativity, we’re shaping the brands that inspire a new generation of consumers.



Social media is the pivot-point in all we do.We live channels and breathe platforms; we dream streams and wake to the sound of the “share” button. We build and own our live streaming channels alongside our distribution channels. With them, we can anticipate and react in real time to connect brands and consumers, at exactly the right moment. We believe in tastemakers and content partners who don’t just influence – they resonate.




Our Culture

As a company, we believe focus plus passion equals results. Even as we’ve grown, we still have the hustle of the new kid on the block. The future is bright, collaborative, versatile, and full of invention. 
We’re ready for it.


Our Team

We live and breathe the same culture as our consumers. Our team is global but grew up alongside the China generation that has transformed social media forever. They simply want the best, and we want to build it with them.


About Us

Working with best-in-class global beauty & cosmetics brands to establish and scale their influence and sales channels in China. As brand guardians, we take pride in building brands according to your global vision and spirit.


Meet our Brands

Focusing on Beauty and Wellness Categories
in China and Beyond



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